Vinyl Graphics Wraps

Everyone of us who is on the road has the opportunity to see the myriad cars and vans covered in bright, colourful and instantly recognisable vinyl graphics and they certainly stand out from the ordinary white vans on our roads.


Car and van vinyl graphics have become highly popular in recent years; not only as a high impact advertising solution but as a huge styling opportunity too. Commercial vinyl car graphics are an effective, cost efficient way of making sure your business is seen. Every commercial car or van your business puts on the road is an opportunity to advertise your brand, 365 days of the year and to as large an area as your car or van travels.


Here at Expression Car Wrapping, Bradford we have over 18 years experience in automotive vinyl films, with access to the latest vehicle vinyl technologies and procedures. Using the latest of these hardwearing weather proof vinyl films from brand leaders such as 3M™ and Hexis, Car vinyl graphics can now be produced to include your chosen brand image, not just your brand name. Product photography, stunning graphics, vinyl lettering can all be included.

Vinyl Graphics for ANY Car or Van

We have access to hundreds of vehicle manufacturer model templates (both new and old) and we use these for producing layouts to show how your car or van will look once it is completed.  We can accommodate a wide range of vehicle types and sizes and from Smart Cars to 40ft HGV trailers at our purpose built facility.

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